Travel with Number 1

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Let your children travel with number 1 by giving them our amazing book “Travel with the number 1”. Number 1 will take your kid to the journey from Isla Mujeres to Cozumel National Park, to other interesting places in Mexico. In this book you will have some fun facts about the local animals and the country, that makes it even more informative. With perfect illustrations and images, this book is surely going to make your children more creative. Helps children spend time more creatively and fun. Keep them off technology and teach them with this perfect child's book easily available to you. Nothing more perfect as a birthday gift for your beloved little person than this book.

This book is the twelfth and last in the series, “The Adventures of the Numbers”.

It is an educational book. It can also be read as a bedtime story.

The book is for ages four to seven.

Order this book to know more about Mexico in a fun way!