Travel the world with the Numbers

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Want to teach your children numbers in an interesting way? We are here to help you with our children book “Travel the world with the numbers”. Allow their imagination to travel along with these numbers. Let them have a journey where they can enjoy and learn numbers easily. This amazing book will not only help children in learning about famous historical places all over the world but it will also teach them about numbers and their sequence. How cool would it be to have an awesome journey with numbers and learn a little math during this interesting and exciting travel? With colorful illustrations and images, it is going to be a fun ride for children to go through this book. Hurry up and buy this book for your children so they won’t be late for this exciting journey. Perfect to give as a birthday gift to your beloved little human.
This is the second book in the series “The adventurers of the numbers.” In this book, all of the numbers are traveling the world and having math fun. This is the version of Subtraction.

This book makes math more fun for kids. The book is an adventure of the numbers. 
It is an educational book that shows that math can be fun.  The book also can be read as a bedtime story.
The book is for kids from ages four to seven.

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