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20 interesting facts about Czech Republic

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

20 interesting facts 1. Originally formed in the late ninth century, the Czech state was first known as the Duchy of Bohemia under the Great Moravian Empire.

2. During the 1989 Velvet Revolution the communist regime collapsed and in June of 1993, Czechoslovakia was peacefully dissolved. It then became two independent states: the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

3. Known as the castle capital of the world, the republic has over 2000 castles, ruins and keeps for visitors to tour and enjoy.

4. The Old Town Square is home to the Astronomical Clock, the annual Christmas market, cafes, street entertainers, the Old Town Hall.

5. Prague is the only major city in Europe that wasn’t bombed in WWII.

Rumor has it that Hitler wanted it as his cultural capital. 6. The Czech Republic contains the historic regions of Bohemia to the west, Moravia to the east and Czech Silesia to the northeast. Most of Czech Silesia is actually in modern Poland.

7. The first big Hollywood blockbuster filmed in Prague was Tom Cruise’s "Mission Impossible".

8. Prague often finds a place on “Top 10 Beautiful Most Beautiful Cities in the World” lists.

9. Czech Republic is a country of architecture. Styles that have survived over 1000 years mark periods in history. Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, Classicism, Art-Nouveau, ubism, Functionalism and even architecture of the Communist era are all on display.

10. The traditional welcoming is with bread and salt.

11. The Czech Republic is in the center of Europe. This means there’s easy access to a number of major cities across Europe via rail, road or air. Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Munich, Krakow, and Budapest are all within easy traveling distance and close enough to visit even for a weekend break.

12. The Czech Republic is home to many famous international companies, including Deloitte Touche, Exxon Mobil, and Zara. But the country also has its own homegrown large firms, such as Skoda, Budweiser Budvar, Pilsner Urquell and Bata.

13. The Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348, is the oldest university in Eastern Europe, and one of the oldest in the world in continuous operation.

14. The city of Karlovy Vary, known for its health-restoring sulfurous waters and spa services. 15. The language has a formal and informal form, and the natives are patient with foreigners who use them inappropriately.

16. Tourism is big business in the Czech Republic. It has an impressive architectural heritage with 12 UNESCO monuments and many centuries’ worth of monuments, buildings, towers, bridges, and castles to visit.

17. Inventors have abounded throughout the history of the Czech people, and Czechs have invented the first grounded lightning rod, the screw propeller, the modern compass, sugar cubes, the plastic explosive Semtex, and soft contact lenses, among other things.

18. Mushroom hunting is a favorite pastime of the Czech people.

19. Puppetry and marionette exhibitions are very popular for children and adults. Puppetry festivals are held throughout the country each year. In Prague, the puppet museum host shows daily and his collection is the largest in the world.

20. The Czech Aquapalace Praha is the biggest water park in Central Europe.

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