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20 interesting facts about Israel

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

In this book Number 4 went on the trip to travel the world with the rest of the numbers, When they came to Israel Number 4 liked the place, and decided to stay there to have sightseeing.

I would like to share some fun fact about the place with you.

1. Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is considered a holy city by Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike. This city is the historical hub of all three religions and faithful followers of each religion have fought over it.

2. Israel has third-highestIsrael's rate of entrepreneurship in the world.

3. Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic.

4. Israel location is in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Lebanon.

5. Israeli cows produce more milk per cow than almost any country in the world, vying only with South Korea.

6. Israel's diverse culture stems from the diversity of its population: Jews from diaspora communities around the world have brought their cultural and religious traditions back with them, creating a melting pot of Jewish customs and beliefs.

7. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth.

8. Israel has the highest number of museums per head in the world.

Israel is alone in having revived an unspoken language as its national tongue.

9. Israel is in the center of the largest bird migration in the world!

10. The World Center of the Baha'i faith is located in the Israeli cities of Acre and Haifa.

11. Israel is the only country in the world where life revolves around the Hebrew calendar.

Work and school holidays are determined by the Jewish holidays, and the official day of rest is Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath.

12. Four graphic regions exist in Israel, due to the country's location between the temperate and tropical zones, bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the west and the desert in the east.

13. Israel was established as a homeland for the Jewish people and is often referred to as a Jewish state.

14. Tourism, especially religious tourism, is an important industry in Israel, with the country's temperate climate, beaches, archaeological, other historical and biblical sites, and unique geography also drawing tourists.

15. Relative to its size, Israel is the largest immigrant absorbing nation on Earth; it has absorbed 350 percent of its population in 60 years.

16. Israel is the only country where the popular Starbucks coffee chain failed, as most locals enjoy their coffee from Israeli cafes

.17. The Jews are an ethnoreligious group originating from the Hebrews, or Israelites. The Jewish people’s nationhood, religion, and ethnicity are strongly interrelated; Judaism is their traditional faith but its observance may vary from strict observance to no observance at all.

18. Israel is the only country in the world that has a mandatory military service requirement for women. 19. Haifa’s Carmelit transport system is one of the smallest subway systems in the world, with four carriages and a track of just 1.8 km.

20. In the Kotel, an estimated million notes are left each year, and they are cleaned out before Passover and The Jewish New Year.


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