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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena: Oliver and the Little Ghost

by Andy Klein


4 stars

The book is about Oliver and his father that are spending a few days in an old mansion. The father is trying to prove that there are ghosts in the mansion, but he can't prove it. The weird thing is happening all the time but the father can't see how did them. He has to trust his son words for the explanation of what is going on. This book is part of a series.

This is a cute story, I like it. The illustration is beautiful and very appealing. I think that kids will love this book.

I am recommending this book for kids ages 5-8.

I got the book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Little Mouse's Sweet Treat

by Shana Hollowell

June 22, 2017

This is a cute story about a mouse that is going to the animals and asking for a sweet treat, but everybody have a different idea of that, the book can also sow the difference between people from different culture.

The illustration is great , and the story is beautiful.

Tara and the Giant Queen: A Fantasy in Giant Land by Gita V. Reddy

May 7, 2017   it was amazing 5 stars

In this book Tara, a nine-year-old girl, a daughter of two busy parents. She asks to go to a vacation to spend time this them, for her birthday, but then they found them self on a storm. They have been separated because of a fight between Tara and her parents, then she is landing on a mysterious land of giants. She is going through dangers and adventures.

This is a wonderful adventures story, I loved the way that Tara become Montek best friend despite their size differences. Tara in the very resourceful girl, her experiences teach her of her mistakes with her parents, she learns that her parents have the responsibility like the Queen.


The Check-Up: (American English Edition) (Oldbridge Tales American English Edition Book 1) by Mark Daydy (Goodreads Author), Mike Daydy (Illustrator)

Ronit Shaltiel's review Jun 21, 2017  ·

5 stars I love the book

This is a cute story about a little car that is afraid to go the do a check up, He is delaying it until he don't have a choice. This story can show kids that there is nothing to be afraid of when they need to go to the doctor, if they are sick.

I love the illustration, it is very bright and Beautiful. The story is great with a hidden moral.

I highly command this book to kids ages 2-6.

Buddy's New Friend: A Children's Picture Book - Pet Adoption & Teaching Compassion (Luna & Asher 2) by P.T. Finch (Goodreads Author), Gokhan Bas (Illustrator), Jody Mullen(Goodreads Author) (Editor)

Jun 05, 2017   5 stars Buddy's New Friend is about a cat Buddy that he is sad so the family are going to the animal shelter to find a dog that will be Buddy's friend. It is not going well at first, but with some help buddy and sam - the dog, it all going to be great.

I love the story, it have a lot of educational value about love to animals and about the animals shelters. It also have beautiful illustration. I highly command this book to kids ages 3-7.

The Lucky Leprechaun: Astro's Adventures by Susan Day (Goodreads Author)

Apr 17, 2017  

5 stars I love the book!

This is a magical adventure of this group of 6 dogs and the 2 cat stowaway that are brought to Ireland to rescue the king's of the Leprechauns cat. In the story we meet Leprechauns, Elfs and other creatures that the dogs encounter along the way. In this book there is a massage of friendship and determination to finish the mission no matter what it is. The story is exciting, fun and sometimes funny.

I highly recommend this book.

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