• Ronit Tal Shaltiel

Review for Ten Heads for Tanuj

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The story is about the 9 years old Tanuj. He lives with his parents in India. After being in a festival for Ravana, his mother tells him a bedtime story about him. This was his favorite. Before falling a sleep he thinks about the story. In the morning he wakes up with ten heads just like Ravena. How he and him family are going to handle to situation? Why this happen the Tanuj? Those Questions are going to be answered in the book. The book shows us an interesting situation and different ways of dealing with it.

This book gives you a gimps to India's traditions and culture. This story is intriguing and very engaging.

The illustration is beautiful. The trivia at the end of the book is a nice bonus for kids to know more about Ravana. I recommend this book for kids 3-7.


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